You Get All 50 Code of Federal Regulations Titles in e-CFR lite!
RegScan's e-CFR lite is the premier knowledge management software for Federal Regulatory information searching. This fully integrated and searchable database covers All 50 Code of Federal Regulations titles – nothing is omitted. e-CFR lite allows instant searching of hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations and zeros in on the answers you need. Its ease of use will amaze you and in just minutes, you will be searching like a pro.

Why waste valuable time slugging through hundreds of hardcopy books or waiting on congested government sites to find the regulations you need? e-CFR lite is so fast and easy to use you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Not following regulations can cost you big - fines, negative publicity ands even jail time. Why risk it when it is so easy to stay compliant using e-CFR lite?

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